woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Zipping between skyscrapers and cabs

I didn't know that Obama lives in Chicago. I have the feeling I was close to him yesterday. First there was a helicopter flying over me and then, as I was following the Waterfront of Michigan Lake, I was stopped by security people. There was a "security issue" and I couldn't pass. All traffic was diverted, but in the wrong direction for me. So I went back along the Waterfront and found a tunnel underneath the streets, leading me towards a very busy street. After riding one block on the sidewalk (several people wanted to know what my bike was about) I decided that this was taking to long, crossed the street and went with the flow of traffic. At first that meant mostly standing still. I heard oh and ah from the sidewalk. Then I was between the impressive skyscrapers and green lights got the cars moving. After some acceleration, I got the hang of it and changed lanes to move around cars that turned right. The street went down a bit and all of a sudden the Mango was going the same speed as the cars. Now I heard WHOOOO look at THAT :-)

Looking at the GPS, I thought it was time to make a left across three lanes and pick up the original track. The cars behind me made room when I indicated that with my arm. A cab on my right had just picked up a passenger and was in a hurry to also go left, using the gap that the other cars gave me. Gently squeezing my disk brakes and steering to the left, I could easily avoid him and then was behind him to make the turn at a stoplight. A bit later I was on the Waterfront again. My little adventure was over, HA.


Just before the cars start to move faster.

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