vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

ROAM Minnesota

We're close to Minneapolis now.
The ride today was only 165km, mostly on the shoulders of a busy route 12. I took it a bit easier than yesterday when I put 155Watt on average on the road. Managed to wear out Nick and Greg that day. In the end we even hooked up with a larger group of fast riders. I had planned to creep up on them, but Nick suddenly made a sprint. This is not my forte, but I also pushed it even harder to close the gap quicker. I did overheat though, and had to use water from the trusty spray bottle abundantly to keep my head cool. Nick was toast after that sprint and even stopped for a while at a SAG vehicle

Hasse rode that whole day with da Hood and was going fast. Earlier Wilfred had a go with it and also rode in it all day. Seems that up to about 28degrees Celsius da Hood is good to ride.

Today was Gregs' turn. Unscientifically he also changed to faster tires, so there's no way to tell what contributed most to his keeping up with our powerful captain Josef. Our group with Mike and Nina did catch up with him since he had spent much time in a restaurant with excellent free Wifi. Don't know whether the food was any good ;-) Temperature was pretty high with about 29 degrees Celsius max. but like Hasse Greg had no real problem with overheating.

Tomorrow the extra Mango that Larry Varney managed to get across the Rockies before he had to give up, will have a new rider. Nick had borrowed the Go-One3 from a friend and this man will be riding it himself as from today. Being without a velomobile, Nick originally planned to return home, but since he knew the extra Mango was without a rider he approached me to ride it. I readily agreed. Much better than having it on top of a SAG vehicle :-)

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