vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

ROAM rain

That's not a biggie for a velonaut, you would say, but I am sleeping in my hammock without the rainfly. Stupid me! Double stupid because I trusted the weather forecast and not the visual information I got from occasional lightning.
So I wake up with a shock because I hear or sense raindrops falling. I squirm out of my sleeping bag and out the slit in the hammock. Grasp the drying clothes from the ridgeline of the hammock. Take da Hood off the Mango (at least I HAD closed that). Turn the Mango towards the hammock and turn on the light. Pull out my backpack and get the rainfly out and drape it over the hammock. Now I'm safe for the moment. (I am SO lucky that it only rains lightly so far) I find my raincoat and now can work in a bit of comfort. Working steadily now instead of frantically, I attach the rainfly and organize my stuff a bit. Before I can get back to sleep, I must report this of course by means of my blog. The rain drop, drip, drops playfully on the rainfly and I'm cosy again. It's 1.40 PM, I bid you goodnight.

PS: the photo is shot at another campsite as I look up to one of the trees I am supported by. You can see the thin but very strong ridgeline of the hammock and the mosquito netting.

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