vrijdag 29 juli 2011

ROAM 29-7-'11

Just a quick post. We had lots of logistical problems, 20 flats or more because of all the blown car tires on the shoulders of the freeway ( why don't they sweep them once in a while) and two accidents with quite some damage to one velomobile and many scratches on Jims' skin. Bram got away with a good scare but the marks on his velomobile are probably so superficial that they can be polished away.
Both accidents happened on the rumblestrips between shoulder and the lane to wake up sleepy or inattentive cardrivers. Normally we do not have to cross them but on four or five occasions we had to pass a car with a mechanical problem and it even happened at a bridge that the shoulder was simply to narrow (for no obvious reason) to stay on it. This became fatal for Jim. Even though he slowed down on the downhill to negotiate the rumblestrips safely, his rear wheel started to hop so violently on the strips, that it lost contact with the road and moved sideways left and right. This became uncontrollable and Jims' ride tipped completely and then slid sideways until hd came to a stop. Fortunately he was not in the path of cars and he could crawl out. He was then picked up by a SAG vehicle and his wounds were cleaned. I talked with him for a bit and he seemed to be coherent.
Of course we hope that Jim can and will continue tomorrow. His Mango is up to it, there is no real structural damage.
As for me, it was quite hot today 34degrC but Bram gave me the idea to squirt some water on my head now and then. I used two liters for that and drank at least 7 liters of fluids. That is a personal best!
Tomorrow will again be hot and long with more climbing. I think I'm up to it. Now I'd better get some sleep on my hammock.

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  1. A stressful start, Harry! Wishing you all the best for the rest of the journey. I'd love to do such a tour... on Dutch cycleways and roads though ;)