zondag 31 juli 2011

Hot days

Yesterday was long, hard and hot. (and no wifi or 3G at the campground. We had some very long climbs and steep descends to do in 230km. In the end I arrived with Bert close to our campground. Unfortunately my Gps lost track and Bert's decided that we should cross the river in 2km which I found a bit strange. When at last my GPS found the track again I realized that we were on the wrong side of the river. Going back, we found ourselves pushed towards a cycletrack instead of the main road. There seemed no way to get back to the main road, but finally the height difference seemed small enough to carry our Velos up. I decided we would need some help from the other riders so I strolled through the bushes towards what seemed to be our campground. It wasn't. It was a boat camp.
However, I did manage to find the main road and a sign towards Hells Gate, our campground. After 15 minutes of strolling back through the bushes, I found Bert again and we set off again in the general right direction. It was hard in the complete darkness, but we found it eventually. We were totally beat, 10 AM and still having to make camp.

Today was much easier. Just as hot again, but cruising alongside the Clearwater river we had more wind than in the valleys and we could occasionally drench our overheated bodies in the cool river. After "only" 160 km we arrived at Three Rivers campsite and our soaking clothes were dry already!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You guys must be having to wash laundry every day with the heat and all.

  2. No time for fancy washing, I shower and wash clothes at the same time. Most of the time my only bike hose is dry in the morning. When not, I put iton anyway and it dries on my hot body ;-)