donderdag 5 juli 2012

MUV, Mango Urban Vehicle

I always used to think of a velomobile mainly suitable for long distance touring and commuting. So when I came to live in a big city, I didn't think I would often take the Mango into the town centre. Meanwhile however, my other bikes do nothing but gather dust. All rides are done by the Mango: short and long.  To show how useful a Mango can be in urban area and city centre, I made a new playlist on my YouTube channel to show that especially an agile and light velomobile like the Mango is very much at home there.

My first problem is: how to film myself while cruising through the city. The solution is obvious, one simply asks a friend to come along and be filmed. The result is below and more of such vids are likely to follow in the "MUV" playlist of the HuneliggersChannel

BTW: the footage is made by my new camera: Vio POV.HD Please set the quality to 1080pHD, but when the video looks choppy on your screen it might be better to choose a lower setting.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice women in Groningen!
    Biggest problem of going into the city with a velomobile is parking the thing and keeping others from stealing or damaging it. It draws a lot of attention. My commute is almost entirely through the city and the mango feels right at home there.

  2. The agile, lightweigt and short lenght Mango is probably the only true human powered city velomobile of choice.

    My much heavier Strada has some of the Mango features aswell, but not the light weight and agility.