woensdag 22 december 2010

Weight weening in winter: Exustar pedal

Mango Sport in winter conditions

Riding in the winter can be fun, especially with a threewheeler. You can slide as much as you like, as long as you stay far enough away of hard objects like street furniture, trees and the few other occupants on the cyclepath. Unfortunately the snow presents a problem for my Speedplay Frog cleats: they attract snow to a point that I have to walk like a duck until I get in my trusty steed. Then it gets even worse, the snow turns to ice around the cleat and it becomes very difficult to clip into the pedals.
Since I changed to real wintershoes that do a pretty good job in keeping my feet warm, I thought that while winter lasts, it would be good to adopt a pedal system that can shed the snow without problem: good old SPD.

Unfortunately Shimano SPD is about the heaviest system around, but there are compatible systems. Sending in the clone: Exustar E-PM-25 that only weighs 139 gramms including cleat. The lightest Shimano MTB pedal, the PD-M980 XTR CX weighs 180gramms and is just as expensive. A road pedal like the Shimano PD A-600 is doing better with 168gramms and it's quite a lot cheaper than the beformentioned pedals, but since the Exustar was on sale on the webshop of my choice (e.g. the cheapest) I decided to go with that.
After two weeks of riding to work with them, I have no regrets. Clicking in seems easier than what I was used to from Shimano SPD's and unwanted exciting is less likely. The only downside so far is that the stunning look of these magnesium pedals with titanium axle will never be revealed, obscured from sight as they are by the beautiful body of my Mango Sport.

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